Vidalia Onion Fundraiser

For over 25 years J.Rich Associates has partnered with Youth Leagues, High School Sports Groups, Cheerleader Squads and Band Programs providing the best kept secret in Spring fund raising. Vidalia Onions are extremely sweet and only available fresh once a year — springtime!! What perfect timing for baseball and softball leagues! High school band programs find them to be an ideal spring complement to their fall fruit sale. Plus Vidalias are a proven project for cheerleader squads raising money for camp. Unlike nearly every other fund raising product, our 3 lb. boxes will not have been sold in your community over and over all year. Vidalias can only be sold fresh once a year. You can buy onions 365 days a year, but fresh Vidalias can only be purchased in the spring, and most adults know this and look forward to them. They are unique, popular, affordable for your customers and very profitable for you. Plus, it is very simple to fulfill orders as there is only 1 item on the brochure.

Adults love Vidalias and most will buy if you just ask them! We are told repeatedly every year they were the easiest item ever to sell. The farm-fresh 3 lb. box is a very practical size and affordable for your customers while being highly profitable for your group. Plus, you set the selling price so you may be sensitive to your local economy and determine how much profit you make. Plus, each box contains a Vidalia Fact Sheet which includes delicious, authentic Southern recipes, adding even more value for your customers.

We don't just send brochures and say good luck. When you choose us for your important financial project you will gain a true partner. We will share with you our knowledge and experience to help maximize your profits. If you are even the least bit curious please contact Richard or Stan and we will be glad to share with you success stories, provide references and demonstrate why we believe this can become one of your best and most dependable fund raisers ever! Please call 1-800-543-7089 or email for more info. We are very accommodating and are not pushy salespeople. We are motivated to help you!

Leagues routinely average $30 profit or more per league member — not just per person selling — if they follow our proven guidelines. In other words, a 400 member league can expect to make around $12,000 or more, even if everyone does not participate. Imagine your potential if they did! And remember, the community will be ready for your sale again the next spring! With larger groups we can help increase motivation by providing matching assistance for a prize program.

Vidalias are so popular with the community and so profitable for the organizations you can count on them year after year. We have groups who have been selling for over 15 years in a row! Please contact us soon if you think you may be be interested. Richard or Stan will be glad to answer any questions and would love to put their years of experience to work for your group! 1-800-543-7089 or


What is a Vidalia Onion? A delicious, naturally sweet mild onion from a very small geographical area in southeastern Georgia. Prized for their sweetness, thay are only available fresh in the spring. The state of Georgia strictly regulates which onions are qualified to be called Vidalias. Although there are imposters out there, for over 25 years our Vidalias have been from the same approved grower located in the heart of Vidalia country.

How many onions are there in a 3 lb. box?
This varies depending on the size of the onions. Most are the size of an apple or a small orange, usually with 8-12 per box. Many people prefer the size of our onions because there is less waste than with the huge ones.

Is there ever an issue with quality? As with any crop, there can be occasional variations in quality season to season. In providing Vidalias for all these years, there have been 2 years where there were some less than perfect onions. Every year the grower routinely packages more than 3 lbs. in each box, and if he has any reason to believe any of the onions are less than perfect he includes even more in each box. Plus, we automatically provide the group 1% overage on their order to have extras on hand if there are any less than perfect. These extras usually end up in the concession stands!

When do we pay? We do not bill you until your order is delivered, and request payment within 15 days. We stongly encourage you to collect the money up front when your customer places their order with your representative.

How are they delivered?Usually by 18 wheelers using Fed Ex, or trucks contracted by us. The boxes are delivered stacked on wooden pallets.

When are they delivered? Late April or early May, depending on when the crop is ready, which is determined by weather and growth conditions. We will notify you in time to make your plans.

Are there any storage issues? Since Vidalias contain higher sugar levels than other onions, minimal care should be taken. Don't leave them for days in a hot car! We have found a great method is simply to store extra onions in your refrigerator vegetable bin — ours keep for months that way.

Do we need help for the delivery? Yes. Having enough help will make delivery go smoother. Our trucks carry a jack so the pallets can easily be moved to the rear of the truck. For leagues, make arrangements to have the use of a forklift, it makes delivery a breeze. There is someone in your community who would be glad to donate the use of a forklift to help your league.

Do I have to worry about the onions spoiling?
Not if you plan to distribute them soon after delivery. Although onions are moderately perishable they will hold up fine if not stored in a hot car for a length of time. Storage tips are included with each box and if followed will greatly increase shelf life. In November we still have delicious Vidalias in our refrigerator vegetable bins from the Spring!

What if customers want more than 3 lbs?
Tell them to buy more boxes! You set the selling price so you may wish to offer a discount for multiple boxes. You will make less per box but more per sale.

What if a customer is unhappy?
We will ship you a 1% overage of your order total. That way there will be extra onions in the rare event someone is not pleased.

How do we know this will work? People love Vidalias. You are selling a product that is unique, that is healthy and is considered affordable. They have not been sold over and over in your area before you. Kids and parents love competing for the prizes. Plus, if you decide to sell with us, we will share with you our guidelines for selling and provide the benefit of our many years of experience helping groups successfully fund their leagues.

I have heard of other groups selling Vidalias in the area. What's that about?
Occasionally a civic group may sell, but they are large quantities, such as 20 lb. bags. Most people can't use that many onions. Our 3 lb. box is the perfect size for most people and the cost remains below $10, which is a very strong selling point, especially with current economic concerns. Plus, unlike bags, our boxes keep the onion skins from making a mess and are much easier to handle.